In 2015 we started looking at the benefit of using aviation support. In may ways this has been done for years in Search and Rescue, using planes and helicopters.

With the introduction of UAV's, this became more practical and cheaper.

THere are both pro's and Con's to using them, so we have it as another means of searching. It is quick to deploy, reasonable in cost and can cover a vast area in little time.

The downfall is things like weather and environment. But again, we have this as another tool to use.

When a request comes in for assistance, we review the whole situation and see what is best to use out of all our equipment and man power.

In 2016, the FAA introduced their Part 107 which was required for all UAV pilots to qualify through. Out Senior trainer qualified within it, so in the event of a need in the States, we were qualified to help.

In 2019, Transport Canada implemented a similar procedure making operators responsible a certain levels, depending on their needs. You could wrote a Basic exam allowing you regular flying under their regulations, or you could write the Advanced and take a flight review, therefore allowing you a more open permission of flight.

Once again we complied with all of these regulations and qualified to the highest level available.

We have in use currently two Typhoon H series rotary UAV's with thermal camera and low light camera abilities.

For our purpose we have found these to be the most reliable and structured, allowing us to look in areas that would be otherwise dangerous for people to try and search.

We have also partnered with companies to offer a broader level of service.

SkyX has partnered with us, providing us with the ability to fly longer missions with what is called a vertical take off UAV.This amazing company has graciously provided us with a unit and support to be able to work in remote areas over large areas.

We are very proud of our partners and working with them to help those in need.

With our variety of units, it permits us to provide the correct coverage as required in the different situations we find ourselves in.

Our Aviation team take this section seriously and we work close with Transport Canada and other governing bodies to make sure we comply and offer the best service possible where and when needed.