How may we help?

Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue is involved in different levels of Search and Rescue. In the past years, we have assisted in a number of searches and rescues and in some cases unfortunately in recoveries. We can usually start mobilising within an hour of being asked to assist.

Due to the sensitivity of what we do, we are very professional and discreet when it comes to sharing information on the searches we are currently assisting with, or those past. For this reason, we do not post any active search we are working on, on any social media.

You may see news articles of us as we assist, however, that is the media doing their job of covering what help is being utilised. We respect the family's privacy and that of the potentially lost person.

Over the past few years, we have assisted in searches utilising our marine unit, our aviation team and our dogs. Looking for children, dementia patients and those who have just gone missing.

All members have to be ground certified first before they can move into another area, so at any time, we can call on all our members for a ground search.

The following is a short list of some of the searches we have assisted in. Showing the group's versatility and willingness to help in different aspects.

Our first main search we assisted in was that of a child who fell into the Nith River and was missing for five months. Here are some of the news articles regarding it.CTV News January - CTV News April - The Record

Since then we have assisted as far away as Rice Lake, helping emergency services recover a lost fisherman from the previous year. During this search, we asked for assistance from the North West Pennsylvania K-9 team, who had a water cadaver-certified dog.

In 2018, we had more calls asking for assistance than any year before, each time we responded with the respect needed. For some reason, most calls were water-related. The following news article was helping find a dementia patient, who unfortunately was found deceased in the spring. CTV January

Our Aviation section has proven to be very versatile in all searches, as we are able to use our UAVs as air support on both water and ground.

We have only two goals, we do not focus on who finds the person, as long as they are brought back to their family and we will accept help from other agencies if they so wish to assist.

We are proud to serve the communities we work and live in and are happy to go where ever needed.

Please consider supporting us through our Donation link, listed above as well, as we are solely financed through corporate and private donations.