Given the additional training and supplies needed for different areas of the organisation, we are requesting sponsorship or subsidisation in different areas.
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Thank you to the following to whom we acknowledge and appreciate their assistance.

Tractive Tracking keeps our dogs and searches safe Globally.

Providing Cell phone and Internet support to our team In Canada


Providing cell and Internet service to our team in the States

Community enriched Agriculture

Seamless global messaging for smartphones, plus safety features you can count on worldwide.

Supported through Roadpost

AquaEye-Handheld Sonar Fast, safe, intelligent water rescue

A friendly company, well integrated into the community

Kitchener Branch
Annual Spraying of rust protection for our vehicles.

Thermal Imaging units

The Mikey Network is a registered Canadian charity whose mission is to place defibrillators in public places where someone in cardiac arrest might have a second chance at life


Sue McMullen's Dog Training Programs are individualised for you, your dog and your goals.

Innovative Multi copters & Camera Systems

Marine quality stoves & heaters since 1932

We make Campers happy

In Conjunction with 


Ground penetrating radar solutions to quickly and effectively search for buried evidence

One of the ongoing expenses is the Canine unit. Given the continued cost of training and supplies required to make this available, we are looking for additional sponsors, to make sure that this section can continue to be offered to the communities.

We would gladly come to an event you may have by pre-booking the time with us, this is to show our support and be part of your event or fundraising.

All assistance is greatly appreciated.